Student representatives on the Board of Governors have been described <http://old.ubyssey.ca/features/bog-student-reps458/> as falling to two categories: loudmouths and lackeys. The loudmouths scream and shout about whatever issue they care about, are thoroughly ignored by the appointed members who control the board and then pat themselves on the back for a job well down. Far more common are the lackeys, who cozy up to the often rich and powerful appointed members. They don’t even try to represent student interests in the hopes that by not rocking the boat they’ll get letters of recommendation or cushy job offers from business leaders on the board.

Veronica is the unique student capable of transcending both of these categories. Far from a lackey, Veronica has repeatedly stood up to the appointed members in both public and private. But she has not done so by screaming and shouting — she’s no loudmouth. Rather, she has quietly and deliberately lobbied board members on issues important to students and frequently won them over or at least softened their positions on things like tuition and university leadership issues. Given that students hold only 3 of the 21 seats on board, it is hard to emphasize what a difficult task making the student voice heard is. The appointed members, who hold a majority of the seats, are accountable to nobody and have very little incentive to what students want. To win them over, one must understand what the appointed members care about and understand how and when they make their decisions. A great student representative must pick their battles and play their cards right. The fact Veronica is liked and respected not only by student leaders at UBC but by her peers on the board show that she has succeeded in serving both students and operating in the best interest of the university at large.

With much of the board’s business happening in secret, it is difficult to see or even describe al that makes Veronica and excellent representative of our interests. But having working with her closely on the international tuition issue I can say with full confidence that Veronica well exceeds what one expects from a student representative and we can only hope she is reelected and remains a forceful presence on the board for the foreseeable future.

Arno Rosenfeld

Afford UBC Organizer with the AMS

Arno Rosenfeld

Starting tomorrow, voting for the 2016 AMS elections will open at https://amsvoting.as.it.ubc.ca, and VSEUS would like to encourage all members of UBC and VSEUS to vote in the election.

At this time, VSEUS would like to endorse the following candidates for their respective positions:

President: Ava Nasiri
Vice President, Academic and University Affairs: Samantha So
Vice President, Finance: Louis Retief
Vice President, Administration: Chris Scott
Vice President, External: Kathleen Simpson
UBC Board of Governors: Aaron Bailey & Veronica Knott
UBC Senate: Jenna Omassi, Samantha So, Khaled Nasra, and Kevin Doering

VSEUS Council

Find link at: https://www.facebook.com/ubcesa/posts/1216100788419517

Vancouver School of Economics Undergraduate Society

As a former President of the UBC AMS, I would like to add my voice and support for Veronica Knott’s candidacy to serve as a student representative on the UBC Board of Governors for another term.

Few people are able to understand the burden and commitment of a position, unless you’ve experienced the realities of that position first hand. That goes doubly so for this term for all elected students on the Board of Governors.
Student representatives stand alone to voice the needs of all UBC students, but also continually required to balance competing interests, working to support the entire university community in their decision making – including the needs of faculty, staff, and alumni. 

Dealing with the fallout of Arvind Gupta’s resignation, major governance challenges on the Board, and significant pressure exerted by almost every constituency group on campus required patience, integrity, and reasoned, level-headed thinking to address these issues constructively and in a way that ensures UBC continues to make positive progress.

Veronica fulfilled those requirements and so much more. In a year where there were few “winning” options to choose on almost every issue, Veronica applied her experience from years of involvement elsewhere on campus to ensure every vote she cast and every decision she made made were consistent with her responsibilities, her promises to students, and most importantly, what she felt was right both morally, and in the interests of UBC.

But to also conduct herself with grace, professionalism, and maturity that is well above her years in the face of incredible pressure and adversity demonstrates just a small portion of the why she is an incredible asset for students and the entire university community and why she deserves our support for a second term.

Veronica has my utmost respect as a student leader with incredible commitment to every role she has ever held, and as the strongest voice I have ever met for students on this campus.

I wholeheartedly endorse Veronica to represent students for another term on the UBC Board of Governors, and I hope you will join me next week in making that become a reality.

Tanner Bokor
105th President of the AMS (2014/15)
Former AMS VP, External

Tanner Bokor