Since starting at UBC I have worked to improve the student experience at UBC. I have developed my strong leadership skills and have a vast knowledge of the university’s structures. I have a comprehensive understanding of University policies, endowment organization, budgetary procedures and more. I am confident that my previous leadership experiences and my year on the UBC Board of Governors (BoG) allows me to best serve the interests of UBC students.

Over the past five years at UBC I have served in numerous leadership positions and organization. Highlights of these include:

  •  Current Student Member of the UBC Board of Governors
  •  President of the Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS) 2014/15
  • Chairperson of the National Conference on Women in Engineering 2013
  • Chair of the AMS Governance Committee 2015/16
  • Winner of the 2016 Nestor Korchinsky Award
  •  Named Vancouver 24 Hours’ “Top 24 under 24”

As the majority of the work done at the UBC Board of Governors occurs at the committee level, it is important to have a strong understanding and experience of how to push initiatives through committees. During my time at UBC I have worked as a member or chaired close to 40 committees or university bodies. Some of the committees I have provided leadership to include:

  1. Orientations Steering Committee
  2. Student Leader Working Group of Orientation Steering Committee
  3. West Coast Women in Engineering Science and Technology (WWEST) Steering Committee
  4. Walter Gage Memorial Fund
  5. Professional Activities Fund Advisory Council
  6. Professional Activities Fund Student Teams Sub-Committee
  7. Shell Engineering Student Fund
  8. Faculty Curriculum Committee
  9. Engineering Undergraduate Safety Committee
  10. AMS Legislative Procedures Committee
  11. AMS Oversight Committee
  12. MTRL Hydrometallurgy Professor Undergraduate Search Committee
  13. APSC Accreditation Student Experience Committee
  14. United Way Turkey Trot Committee
  15. EUS Elections Committee
  16. WESST President’s Meeting Organizing Committee
  17. Student Advisory Council
  18. EUS Council
  19. EUS Executive Committee
  20. EUS Executive Awards Committee
  21. Engineering Student Centre Steering Committee
  22. Engineering Student Centre Working Group
  23. December 6 Memorial Committee
  24. Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES) Board of Directors
  25. Western Engineering Student Society Teams’ (WESST) Administration Council
  26. WESST Retreat Organizing Committee
  27. AMS Brand Discovery Focus Group
  28. AMS Equity Consultation
  29. National Conference on Women in Engineering Organizing Committee
  30. MTRL Executive Council
  31. Women in Engineering Committee
  32. Introducing a Girl to Engineering Organizing Committee
  33. UBC Board of Governors Finance Committee
  34. UBC Board of Governors Property Committee
  35. UBC Board of Governors Governance Committee
  36. UBC Board of Governors Learning and Research Committee
  37. AMS Governance Committee

From all my time spent on different committees I know how to bring about outcomes that benefit UBC students and understand how to work within the Board system. I hope you can see the vast experience I would bring if re-elected and allow me to continue to serve you on the Board.